If you have butterflies in your stomach, invite them into your heart. 

-- Cooper Edens

I'M A LICENSED PSYCHOTHERAPIST based in the San Francisco Bay Area and, through teletherapy, work with clients throughout the State of California.  I am a member of CAMFT and serve on the Board of SCV-CAMFT.

MY PRACTICE starts with my belief that human beings are fundamentally resourceful and capable.  I am passionate about a strength-based, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed approach that is rooted in humanistic/existential principles and system thinking and incorporates interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory.

COMBINING my professional and personal experiences, I seek to understand your struggles, to see your strengths and best efforts when even you yourself cannot do that, and to appreciate both what can be expressed in words and what cannot.  I attune to both the here-and-now moments in your life and the multi-layered developmental, relational and societal contexts that shaped your life.  Together, all of these elements help form the foundation for our work together.

EFFECTIVE PSYCHOTHERAPY is both a science and an art, and not only does it require skills, insight and experiential depth on the part of the therapist but also depends on the good fit between the therapist and you.  I offer a 15-minute free initial consultation over the phone, and I invite you to give me a call to see if I can be a good match for you.

PRIOR TO BECOMING A PSYCHOTHERAPIST, I had practiced law, worked in banking, advised on startups, and run an independent consulting business.  These experiences have proven to be invaluable strengths and assets in my practice as a therapist today.  I understand the demands and uncertainties in today's competitive work/life dynamics and their impact on individuals, relationships and families.  My experiences living and working in different cultures have also broadened my perspectives and helped cultivate my capacity for compassion, empathy and curiosity. 


I am bilingual in English and Mandarin.


(650) 701-3123

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