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- B.S. in Psychology, Beijing University, China

- M.A. in Cognitive Psychology, The University of Chicago

- M.A. in Counseling (Marriage, Family and Child), Palo Alto University

- J.D. in Law, The University of Chicago Law School


Psychotherapy is a continuing journey for therapists as much as it is for our clients.  Ongoing personal and professional growth is my commitment to you as your therapist and to myself.  Recent workshops, seminars and trainings include:​

Hakomi Mindfulness Somatic Psychotherapy:

I'm a Certified Hakomi Therapist (CHT), a designation reflecting not only in-depth therapeutic skills after rigorous multi-year trainings but also the therapist's demonstrated commitment to the Hakomi principles, to continued, ongoing professional development, and to personal growth.  Some of the core Hakomi trainings include:

  • Mindfulness-Centered Couple Therapy Training

  • Hakomi Essential Skills; Hakomi Comprehensive Training (Level 1); Hakomi Professional Training (Level 1 and 2; teaching assistant) (each training is an 8-months program)

  • Hakomi International Training, with senior trainers Rob Fisher and Julie Murphy

  • Ongoing monthly Hakomi skills group, with senior trainer Mukara Meredith (also founder of Matrix Group)

  • Ongoing monthly Hakomi Couple Therapy Group, with senior trainer Rob Fisher (since 2021)

  • Ongoing monthly Hakomi skills group, with senior trainer Rob Fisher (since 2021)


Couple Therapy:

Hakomi Couples Therapy (see above)

Gottman Institute:

  • Level I Completion Certificate (since 1997)

  • Level II Completion Certificate (since 2020)

  • Level III Completion Certificate (since 2024)

Relational Life Therapy (by Terry Real):​

  • Couples Experiential Workshop (2021; 2023)

  • Relational Life Therapy - Level 1 certified (since 2021)

  • Healing Power of Relationship Summit

  • Ongoing couple therapy consultation group with Terry Real (since 2021)

The Developmental Model (by Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson of Couples Institute)

  • The Developmental Model of Couple Therapy (9 months training program)

  • Numerous workshops with founders Dr. Bader and Dr. Peterson

Dr. Marty Klein: 

  • Sexual Intelligence Workshops

  • Couples/Sex Therapy Consultation Group (2020-2021)

Grief and Trauma

  • Kara-Grief agency (Palo Alto, CA), grief therapy for individuals and grief support groups (2016-2019)

  • Intensive Trauma Treatment Course, by Bassel van der Kolk

  • Grief Summit

  • Suicide Prevention Summit

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Intensive (Pesi)

Depression, Anxiety and Stress​

  • Ongoing workshops on current first-line of treatment and evidence-based approaches, including CBT, ACT, DBT, etc., with the goal of staying informed of the latest development in this important and fast evolving field

  • Workshops on integrating experiential, psychosomatic and Ericksonian/hypnotic approaches in the management of mood and impulse regulation


I believe that mindful living brings us joy, compassion and purpose


  • AAMFT (American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy), Clinical Fellow

  • CAMFT (California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists), Member

  • AFTNC (Association of Family Therapists of Northern California), Member

  • SCV-CAMFT (Santa Clara Valley Chapter of CAMFT), Member; former Board member (2021)

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA# 119101)


I believe that volunteerism is a beautiful way of cultivating love and purpose in my life and sharing the same in the community.

  • Diversity, equity and inclusionCAMFT - DEI Committee

  • Peer support and community building: Asian Pacific-Islander Therapist Support Group, founder and facilitator, CAMFT-SCV

  • Justice and equity for underserved youths and families:

    • Acknowledge Alliance, high school counselor for high risks adolescents (2018-2019); ongoing supporter

    • Family Connections, Board member (2013-14); Program Committee member (2014-2021); ongoing supporter

  • Grief support: Kara-Grief Support (since 2016)

    • CORE member - On-site crisis support to local schools, organizations, companies, families etc. process grief and loss

    • Volunteer at Camp Kara, an annual grief camp for children and youth

  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM): trained in Basic and Advanced CISM with Janet Childs of Bay Area CISM Team

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