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As of 1/1/2023, My rates for new clients are $250 per 50-minute session for individual therapy and couples therapy and $295 per 50-minute session for families (with an additional $150-250 if a co-therapist participates, with your consent).  Fees are subject to annual and periodic adjustments with prior notice.  

For new clients, I offer a 15-minute free initial consultation via Zoom. 

If you need a reduced rate, I encourage you to discuss it with me.  My goal is to help you access care and support, either from me or other resources, regardless of financial constrains. 

I do not accept insurance - usually known as an "out of network" provider.  I provide billing statements (common known as "superbills") for you to directly seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier.  Most insurance plans require a "diagnosis" for a treatment to be covered.

(650) 701-3123

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