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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to choose a Therapist

This article may help you identify some of the questions to ask and information to assess in choosing a therapist

What is "experiential" therapy?

I wrote this article to explain some of the reasons why "experiential" approaches such as Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy can lead to breakthrough when the more "cognitive" approaches (aka "problem-solving" therapy, CBT, insight-based therapy, solution-oriented therapy, behavioral-focused therapy, etc.) don't seem to lead to meaningful or sustainable change or progress.  Many therapists apply an integrative approach that reflects not just one school of thinking, so it's important to ask in your initial consultation about the therapist's specific trainings, orientations, styles, focuses, etc.

In-person sessions?

At the moment, my regular sessions are offered virtually via ZOOM, with in-person sessions provided on an as-needed basis to supplement.

Feels and Insurance

See here


My cancellation policy is 48 hours in advance.

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